Thursday, 7 October 2010


The British Economy
The economy is in danger, so they say
of the so-called double-dip, I had one
as I took a ride, felt funny in my tummy
and what was stranger on that very day
I threw up a betting slip and all my money.

The British Government

You can't take a horse to water
But from the horse's mouth we get her
the Mare, weak at the knees, Britannia
a f-king pantomime steed wanting a head
but given a Clegg and a Cameron for
half the price of democracy, a nag and a
stallion, taking us all to the knacker's yard.

X Factor

From the hole of an ass, comes the talent
of the wannabes, blessed by popularity
and hype, the Cowell and the Cole, rent
our minds for an hour or so, in hilarity
we mind more for twaddle than the absent
men and women paid to do our dirty
in Afghanistan or Iraq, or the people sent
to an early grave, they mark with an X

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